Is your life out control?

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Christian Coach and Bible Teacher, Dr. S. A. Helton would like to give you a copy of one of her favorite resources, Keep it SimpleBiblical keys to simplifying your life through effective time, financial, and relationship management



In this in-depth resource, she explores the Biblical foundation for effective time, financial, and relationship management.  You’ll quickly discover the critical keys to bringing your life back into balance.  And using Biblical examples, Dr. Helton will show you how to:

  • Trust in the Lord at all times

  • Seek first the Kingdom of God

  • Plan your time wisely

  • Understand the barriers to financial freedom

  • Confidently and correctly align your personal relationships

  • Reduce stress and anxiety













​​​​​Dr. Helton is the founder of Mind International, LLC, an innovative Christian teaching and coaching practice in Southern California.  The mission of Mind International, LLC is to help believers identify and implement the perfect plan of God for their lives because the Kingdom of God has the answer for every of life.