Need anxiety relief NOW?

Would you like to learn about a safe, Biblical way to eradicate anxiety?  This product works or your money back!   


     Anxiety is a painful condition to live with.  The paralyzing feeling keeps you from living a normal life.  Crippling worries keep you up late at night, making it impossible to get a good night's sleep.  And the next morning, the ever-present feeling of foreboding follows you wherever you go. 

     You've heard the statistics.  A surprising number of people suffer from anxiety.  But did you know that Christians suffer too?      

     If you'd like to learn about a safe, Biblical way to eradicate anxiety, then keep reading because 

​​     I know how you feel because not long ago, I was one of the statistics.  I truly get it when my clients tell me that the anxiety is making their life a nightmare.  For me, the worst part was going to bed at night.  I couldn't sleep because painful images would start playing on the back of my eyelids like a horror movie on a big screen.  I agonized over everything, even the little stuff.  I woke up feeling worse than the day before.  I didn't look forward to anything.  So if you think I don't know how you feel, you would be wrong.  


Maybe you feel the same way right now. 

  • Are you fretting over the possibility of an unpaid mortgage bill at the end of the month? 

  • ​The loss of your job

  • ​Or maybe your relationship is in trouble

  • ​Do you have a job with a lot of responsibility, and you sometimes wonder how to handle it all?

  • ​Do you struggle with multi-tasking throughout the day?

  • ​Do you sometimes feel anxiety and don't know why?

Whatever it is, this product can help you.  Because here's what is NOT included in the package:


Instead, here is what IS in the package:






     And you can do it anywhere, anytime.  The reason why this product works is because I've removed all the useless information and anecdotes you'd find in other products.  Instead, I included just the facts, the kind that guarantee peace in your life, even in the midst of life's storms.  This 40-minute session is jam packed with vital information about how to handle anxiety.  And best of all, this solution is right there in your Bible.  Been there the whole time.  

But be warned...if you're not a Christian, this product won't help you.   

     I created this session because, in all my years of coaching, the one issue that comes up time and time again is anxiety.  I was floored when I discovered that so many people suffer from it.  And the severity of it varies from person to person.  They tell me things like:

"Doc, I can't sleep at night.  I shake so badly that it feels like I'm having a heart attack!"

"I can't eat, I can't sleep...I hate my life."

"Please make it stop!"

     The mistake most people make is thinking that anxiety can be resolved only with a pill, but that's simply not true.  The Bible says in Proverbs 4 that the Word is medicine to the flesh, so why don't we go that route first?  Now, if you are on anxiety medication, I am NOT telling you to go off it.  It would be wrong to do that.  That's a decision that only you and your doctor can make together.   

     Here's the thing...I suffered from anxiety too.  But that was before I discovered this solution.  And it worked so well for me that I started using it with clients also.  And when I'm coaching someone face-to-face, I walk them through the exact same steps.  But now I just don't have the time to work with everyone in person.  And I didn't want you to be left out.

​     So, here's the deal.  I created a simple coaching session that goes through the same steps that I use for each of my in-person clients.  But you're not going to pay my in-person rates.  In fact, you're not going to pay anywhere near that.  Instead, I'm going to offer it to you for a fraction of the cost.  But you're actually getting more because I don't send my clients home with the full session transcript like the one I'm offering as part of this package.  You're getting it all.  


Here’s what’s you get:

  • A 40-minute MP3 audio that gets straight to the point.  No fluff or useless anecdotes.  Just the facts.

  • A complete 14-page PDF transcript of every word spoken in the session.

  • A personal prayer that you can pray whenever you experience anxiety.  It’s the same one I use with my in-person clients.


​     But that’s not all.  You're going to get even more.  If you order now through this limited-time offer, I'm going to slash the package price by 25%.  That's right!  You will pay only $22.49 - a whopping 25% OFF the price everyone else pays!  This offer will only be available for the next 15 days.  After that, it goes back to its original price. 





     As soon as you order, you’ll receive an email containing the instructions for how to download the product so you can use it right away.  And whenever anxiety strikes, I’ll be there to walk you through the steps to deal with it.  These are the same steps I use to eradicate anxiety when it tries to creep in.  It works for me, and I know it will work for you too. 


     And here’s the best part of this whole deal.  YOU RISK NOTHING because this product is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  In exchange for this guarantee, this is what I'm going to ask of you.  Listen to the session once a day for ten days in a row.  Put into practice what you learn.  If after ten days you feel no anxiety relief whatsoever, then all you have to do to take advantage of my ironclad money-back guarantee is send an email to and tell me that the product did not work for you.  Include your order number and I’ll refund the full purchase price within five business days. 


Your money is not at risk.  But you do risk losing out on peace of mind and anxiety relief if you go one more day without help. 

The person who has the most to gain by using this session is a Christian who:

  • Has a job or a business with a lot of responsibility and stress that keeps them up at night

  • Has at least a moderate amount of stress and anxiety

  • Doesn't have the time or doesn't want to go to the doctor for a prescription

  • Has wondered if the Bible has something to say about anxiety

  • Needs a solution NOW

  • Cannot spend an entire week at a Christian conference or seminar

  • Doesn't want to sit through several hours of teaching tapes to get to the main points

  • Wants a solution that is Bible-based

  • Believe there's a better way to handle stress and anxiety besides taking a pill


     These are the people for whom this session was created.  So, what do you have to lose?

     If you'll give me 40 minutes of your time, I'll show you how to effectively deal with anxiety when it comes on.  And you'll be doing it God's way, not the world's way.  There's no New Age stuff in here, unlike many other products on the market today.  I've even included the Scriptures that back up everything that's taught. 



​​P. S. Still thinking that this deal is too good to be true?  I don't blame you.  But the reason I can make such an outrageous offer is because this session works.  Plain and simple.  The decision is yours.  So the only question you need to answer right now is...

how badly do you want relief from anxiety?